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just a real ass human in love with life, taking photos of other real ass humans in love with each other

Close your eyes... And think of me as your new BFF that happens to have a really nice camera. Who's the BEST third wheel, ever. That's what it's like when you hire me ;) When you invite me in to help tell your love story, you’ve gained a lifelong friend. I believe in documenting the most authentic moments of love, created in a safe space of vulnerability and adventure, where my clients feel entirely free to be themselves.  Want to take a shot before we start shooting? Have a dance party? I'm GAME! You'll feel so at ease as I guide you in unposed prompts, making magic out of the small moments.

more than just a wedding and elopement photographer

you can call me kels

I'm a wedding and elopement photographer, based right outside of Portland, OR and roaming around wherever your love takes me.

I'm a lover, a writer, hugger, a thrift shopping connoisseur and clothing reseller, a mental health advocate, a new part of the family at weddings, and a firm believer in the power of enthusiasm.

 Wedding photography encapsulates my all-time favorites: Creativity, traveling, independence, constant learning, and most of all, human connection.

I’ve always been absolutely fascinated by the uniqueness of people. I purchased my camera on a whim and found my calling when it came to capturing the way two beautiful humans light up in love. My goal is for you to be transported right back into the moment, the second you lay your eyes on your images, for the rest of your life.

I love love. Self-love. Romantic love. Family love. It’s more than a feeling, and it looks different to everyone. The unique expression of love is what I live to capture with every camera click. My candid approach helps my couples have fun and let loose while I make art out of their intimacy and emotion.


wildly, wholly, fully

"Kels made the session so fun and natural the whole time! We left the shoot feeling like we just hung out with a friend, and we had tired cheeks from laughing so much. And the pictures! I literally can’t stop looking at them. Picking a favorite is out of the question. We cannot wait for more sessions!”"

-caity + colin

Real life lovers

I want you to look back on your photos and feel exactly how you felt in them. The taste of the salty sea breeze between kisses. The way the sun set over the mountaintop as you and your boo thang laughed your asses off. The excitement that overcame you as you saw the next chapter of life in your partner’s eyes.

It’s a time worth looking back on for years to come, and I'll help it become a tangible memory.