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feeling overwhelmed? i'm your girl

I remember when I first started. I was L O S T. Scrolling endless youtube videos, google articles, and staring at these beautiful images on instagram wondering "how in the world will I get from this to... that?!?" It's overwhelming, and I remember that all I wanted was to ask an actual PERSON the questions I had. Google and youtube weren't cutting it.

Sound like you? Let's chat!


30 min zoom call + Q&A


1-1 Mentorship Date

This is for you if you aren't local and are still hoping for some guidance from me! We'll virtually meet on zoom or facetime and go over anything and everything you're curious about... I'm an open book! You'll have access to all of the knowledge I've gained through trial and error in our 30 minute call.


This is perfect for you if you're local to the Portland, OR area and want to go grab coffee or a cocktail on me and go over EVERYTHING you want to know! We can work hands on with your camera, setting it up to perfection and going over all the overwhelming settings. You'll then have 2 more 60 minute zoom or facetime dates that can be used any time in the future.

$800 - payment plans available


1-1 Mentorship Date, Shoot & headshots

This is everything the 1-1 mentorship date includes, plus I will set up a shoot with your desired client base (family, couple, branding, etc) and we'll go shoot together! You'll get to see exactly how I pose and guide my clients, and at the end I'll take some BOMB headshots for you for your website!

$900 - payment plans available